The Official Xmas Speech to the United Kingdom.

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Ms. Ann Maria Cassel introduces the PDF of the Official 2012 Xmas Speech.
It was quite charming; off-the-cuff. But it was totally different. It was a new breath of fresh air. Gone was the commercial munurchins atheism of its past.

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London: Ms. Ann Maria Cassel said she was extremely happy to introduce the Xmas Speech. Sir William Raymond Doidge K.G.O, K.G.O (Brit-Emp) of the Royal Family, had this-morning, made the Official Xmas speech to the United Kingdom, from Richmond, in Surrey.

She commented that it was full of good tidings for all. That in itself was extremely unusual? The Video editor said the Video which would be released was extremely gifted, it was good. By way of its manner it was also far reaching;

Even the horses he stood amongst at the Stables near Richmond Park, made it very significant; on the face of it, seemingly nodding their approval? He remarked it was not so much the content of the dialogue; surely more so, they were “nosing” around because of the Polo Mints in his pocket?

Nevertheless, it constituted not only a firm promise to the United Kingdom, but perhaps the rest of the world at Xmas 2012.

It was a fine speech. Not the customary preaching commonwealth proclamations of many ongoing years. This was quite charming; off-the-cuff, and it was totally different. We were now dealing with a different man. This one came from the old biblical family. They knew the beauty of mankind and what Xmas was all about! Amazingly and perhaps akin, it did not even cover religion. It covered family unity!

This was yet a further and perhaps sad Xmas in that Lt. Dan Vousden advised he should spend it separate from his family. Pride in their family entity and not smutty naivety, took them to a new height. A position into the future of mankind that was truly unassailable by any contemporary. They were the family which constituted Xmas itself.

That Dr. Pottier (the new Foreign Secretary and Envoy) had flown them into Scandinavia for Xmas, seemed neither here-nor-there? It was the first time the girls had met their brother; his greatest fan was quite obviously “H” the family’s new “flight engineer”?

Everyone was quite happy for they were all together and only a short distance away. This was to be a quiet Xmas time for everyone; the nations all seemed to be in agreement on this point. There was a national and uncertain “hush” which no one understood. That he said was possibly the wishes of the heavens!

But this, he also made quite clear, was the last commercial Xmas of the old-guard. Next Year would be the first of the new! The old Establishment had run out of ideas many, many years ago; the current generation under their present front had nothing to offer. They were Sir William said now very seriously blocking national progress!

He did not wish to delve into religion or wave a finger at the Press, because Xmas was not the official time of the birth of the Lord’s only son? That may sound astonishing to the majority, but nevertheless it was correct. He was quite happy with the late Regina2’s apology to his late father.

What was special and important was during those old biblical periods they had not only created diet (Lamb and Fish) but indication of food production and related by-products; namely wool from the skins of the Lamb. From that moment on, the kingdom of modern mankind was created.

Sir William she said made it quite clear that food and the farming industries were in for a great new future. It was something only a geneticist would understand. The majority of these superb, but more often fruitless men had toiled through pitiable legislation and governing directions, which in turn, were totally wrong and wicked. It was criminal! Neither the large concern, nor the smaller acre man stood a chance. MAFF was ill-informed on progress; DEFRA was ridiculous (indescribable). In many ways it was spiteful and it had gone on for many, many years!

Florence now had a beautiful package. The smaller empires would thrive and the larger ones would also be rewarded. We had to urgently look at our diets and production methods once more. They were hundreds of years old.

They had also been the course of adopted action for over a thousand years, but mankind had changed dramatically. The new unwrapped farming package was a dream for the smaller holding farming enterprise; it was also the icing-on-the-cake for the larger productive concern. No one wanted to see the small farmer investing in $ mega new and modern machinery; it was not needed! Furthermore, it would take him ten-years to work out where to cost-effectively use it?

What was of great interest was the whole “Ave-Ox” program would see the local economies flourish; the nation move into a glorious new realm. There were new and enormous overseas possibilities in the UK!

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